Below are a number of sites I think are interesting, for whatever reason. If you’ve got a website you’d like me to link to, drop me a line and we’ll do a link swap 🙂

  • – A video-game review ‘blog written by a friend of mine from across the pond.
  • – These are quite possibly the best cakes in the world. Not only does the site owner sell her scrummy wares, but she also has a rather entertaining ‘blog about weird food she eats… well worth a look.
  • – The musings of one of my very best friends, covering all manner of things.
  • – A place of pretty things. This ‘blog is a mixture of images taken by the author and things she uses for inspiration. There’s usually a good dollop of humour in there too .
  • – Book reviews and the odd piece of prose. Nicely written.
  • – Home to the very talented author, Roy Pond. Roy is someone I met during my brief stint in publishing and his books about ancient Egypt are testament to his passion and knowledge of the culture. Definitely worth a read.
  • – I love this ‘blog. It’s written by a friend‘s incredible aunt and chronicles lots of small truths about life that I’d never normally consider. Bex focusses on the positives in daily goings-on and reading through her thoughts always leaves me with a huge sense of clarity.
  • – This ‘blog is a great read. Lots of short paragraphs and pretty pictures make it easy to digest and slightly addictive as a result. I have a fairly good idea of who the author is, but will keep quiet for now…
  • – Fabulous homemade candles – I love the teacup ones and the Cream Eggs. They really do look good enough to eat!
  • – Astonishingly gorgeous crafty things and cakes. This talented lady creates everything from patchwork quilts, to stunning paper invites – all with wonderful photography.
  • – A wonderfully coherent look into the gaming community. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of computer games or not, this well-written ‘blog makes numerous points that are relevant to all walks of life.