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More tiny trousers.


My leggings ripped today in the most epic of fashions – right across the bum. Oh yeah. That gaping hole there was big enough so that the world and his daft aunt Tiffany could see my Sesame Street pants.

In any case, being half way through reading Lucy Siegel’s book To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World, I couldn’t quite bring myself to chuck them out. But, as the old saying goes, what can you do?

Well, you can turn them into soft baby jeans by cutting one line and sewing two. Using the same principals I covered when I turned hoodie sleeves into jogging bottoms, these took about ten minutes to make and you could customise* them in all kinds of cute ways – odd buttons, sequins, embroidery, iron on patches… whatever, really.

Anyways, all you need to do is cut around the crotch of a stiff pair of trousers which fit your child. I tried cutting around leggings and tights in the past, pulling the elastic to the max, but always ended up with skewed sizing. Denim all the way here, from now on.  To get the length right, line up the bottom of the ‘model’ trousers with the bottom of the leggings.


Once you’ve done that, you end up with two very short legs.


Assemble these as per this post.

And voila:


A tea-party in jeans.

Does anyone have any more good ideas for making toddler clothes from adult items? Anyone got any awesome upcycling tips for the coming cull of my wardrobe?


*Not sure the spelling of ‘customise’ here looks right, but ‘customize’ with a z looks wrong too. I’ve decided to go UK style-e and stick with the s… those in the know, please forgive me if it’s incorrect. 😉


Repurpose #1

So when we moved house, I had one of those mad moments I get from time to time where I decided to be a grown up. I put away all but my nicest hoodie with the intention of wearing ‘real’ clothes to match my real house.

Only what actually happened was that I acquired more hoodies. And I don’t know how I do it. I don’t go out intending to buy them – no one ever heads into town with the thought, “I really fancy treating myself to a brand new top that’ll make me look like I haven’t done any washing and am still in my pajamas ” Still, here we are, nearly two years since we moved, and my cupboard is bursting with the things. Coupled with the myriad of grotty teenage monstrosities lurking in the loft, I decided something had to be done.

So, without further ado, here is how to turn unused hoodies into baby trousers – and all you need to do is sew two seams!

Step 1. Find a hoodie.


Step 2:  Fold the hoodie in half so that the sleeves are on top of each other.


Step 3:  Draw around a pair of trousers which fit your child.


Step 4: Cut the shape out.


Step 5: Figure out where your seams are going to be.


Step 6: Sew the crotch seam.


Step 7: Measure your elastic (I pulled the elastic tight on the model trousers and cut the same length for mine).


Step 8: Sew your elastic in. (Other people can tell you how to do this in a professional way – I can not).


Step 9: Do this for as many hoodies as you have.



Step 10: Allow your toddler to adorn herself in her new finery. Inevitably, some will end up as a hat.