“You’re posting a lot about politics, these days,” said a friend, concerned, “I’d been enjoying the family pictures. You guys always look like you’re having lots of silly fun.”

But here’s the thing. Right now we’re not a happy family – because of politics -and I don’t see why I should lie about it.

Today, this happened:


My husband’s rights to live here, in the house that he’s bought, with the money that he’s earned (from clients on the continent btw – he ‘stole’ no job when we moved here and has claimed no benefits) are under threat.

In two years time, if he has to leave, how do I explain that to our children?

“I’m sorry, babies. Daddy had to go because people wanted different shaped bananas.”

So, yes. I’m posting a lot about politics right now. And no, the pictures of the kids aren’t going to increase, because unless this gigantic mess gets sorted, it’s not a given that we’re going to be able to live as a family and have those fun times.

You want to change that? Stand up, and fight with me.


Check out the suggestions on the site above.

Write to MPs and Lords. Often. Tell them how you feel about Brexit, about Trump’s visit, about the dog-poop left out where you walk your pram. These people are paid to be your voice. Make them earn your money, in this and all things.

Join a political party – find one which reflects your values and join in. You want to stay in Europe? Find out who’s pro-EU and sign up. Give these guys your support – not just on the ballot but in things you say and do. You might inspire someone else to vote your way and spread the word.

And MARCH. http://www.uniteforeurope.org/ March 25th in London and Edinburgh. Will this change anyone’s mind in the next five minutes and make everything better? Probably not. Will it show public opinion and influence future policy? Possibly. Is it better than sitting on your butt doing nothing? Absolutely.