Dear Britain,

Whatever you voted for yesterday, we’re leaving the EU.

Regardless of what your opinion about the outcome is, or what should have been, now is the time to come together and work with what we’ve got.

We’ve got each other.

We’ve got a chance to show the world that we can support one another regardless of the circumstances.

The pound has decreased in value and in all likelihood will remain unstable for some time. This probably means that necessities will rise in cost. As a nation with a significant number of the population already reliant on foodbanks, I’d ask that if you can, please consider donating food items, funds, or your time as a volunteer. I hope that the Brexit campaigners are right and that our economy will eventually grow stronger, but as we find our feet, there are those who’ll need help to make ends meet.

With the strong possibility that our avenues of trade will change, I feel it’s important to support businesses which will not.  Our food producers, as well as our small and local traders need our support now more than ever. If the option is there to buy British, please do so.

And more than anything else, be excellent to each other. My dear friend decided to pepper the world with random acts of kindness to counteract the negativity that has flooded our country over the past few weeks. Whether your camp won or lost, co-operation in the face of change is always the strongest way forward.