I found this in a charity shop today for the vast sum of £2! It’s a mint-condition-never-played-with copy of a Spears game called Misfits. The cards aren’t even separated. Somehow, it has survived intact since 1964!

Not for long! Going to have so much fun playing with this and Bub. I felt I needed to document it though, before I decimate it 😉

Had a bit of a retro toy day today all round. We walked  around  town for about two hours trying to find a snap set (which will double as a memory game for now) in the rain, only to find that the snap cards available in Bury were clarted in Peppa  Pig. Now, whilst I don’t have anything against Peppa, per se, she’s not exactly my favourite fictional character for children. Dull, dull, dull. Also, the cards were enormous! I don’t get this thing about giving kids giant stuff to put  in their tiny hands… I guess it’s to avoid it being a choking hazard, but Bub can barely hold some of the toys she’s given. Anyways, some more searching took us to a really old-school toy shop and lo-and-behold, nursery rhyme snap for 75p! And they’re tiny cards!

She seems to have figured out the yelling and hitting part of snap, but not the bit where the cards have to match and that she shouldn’t look at them as she puts them down. We’ll get there.