Guess what I just made? 😀

It's a bit lumpy. I'm wondering what a trip through the blender would do to it...

It’s a bit lumpy. I’m wondering what a trip through the blender would do… Also, this moisturiser is so thick that you can stand things up in it. Like melamine spoons.

If you want to be a cool kid like me and make your own cosmetics, all you need is:

Some beeswax
Oil of your choice (I used rapeseed)
Essential oil (optional)
1 tbsp Glycerin (optional)

Weigh your beeswax. I had 100g, so I used 300g of oil. As long as you keep this ratio, you can make pretty much any quantity you like. Because it was next to me on the side and is good in soap, I threw in some glycerin and it hasn’t seemed to make the world explode so… I guess you could put in some essential oils too if you don’t like smelling of bee. Anyways, you throw everything together in a bain-marie and once the wax has melted, pour the lot into a tub. Mix this as it cools and you should end up with something that looks a bit like mayo.

The ingredients mean that this stuff can double as a non-toxic furniture polish and some sweet-tasting lip balm (the wax makes it taste of honey). So yeah… win.

Asda’s vegetable oil (which is pure rapeseed) costs 13.9p per 100mls, so 41.7p, plus 100g of beeswax pellets costing £2.19 (99p plus £1.20 p&p from ebay) makes this whole lot £2.61. For 400g of hand cream, that’s pretty bargainous when you consider that Asda Hand and Nail cream is £1.07 per 100mls.