I’ve actually been having a surprising amount of fun sticking to my new years resolution. Aside from crocheting my body-weight in dish cloths, I’ve been able to find a use for all sorts of things I would normally throw out.

I’ve started making a reusable shopping bag from the stack of flimsy plastic ones everyone seems to accrue – where would I be without that crochet course?! – and I’ve made a list of all the food in my cupboard in an effort to eat what I have before buying more. Cue a few weeks of really odd meals! I’ve also started making a Vinegar Mother so that in future and wine that doesn’t get drunk (ha!) can be made into pickling vinegar. I also made my first sauerkraut from cabbage leftovers I would usually throw out, so a win there! All it takes is some salt and a jar – will definitely be doing that again in future, hopefully with my own cabbages. Despite saying I wasn’t going to branch into homemade dairy, I am now a convert to making my own yogurt (recipe courtesy of my crafty friend from Holland).  I am also – in bursts between typing – shaking some cream I found in my fridge in an attempt at butter… who needs a gym?

I did have to buy new underwear this month. Despite the champion item of my wardrobe being 17 years old* I decided that 7 years with a 1 year gap for pregnancy & feeding was probably pushing it for my 5 Euro H&M sale bra… What can I say – I’ve always hated shopping for clothes. I stuck to my plan though, buying from a local boutique and can honestly say I’m never looking back. I spent far more than I ever would have in cheapy chain stores, but my back feels miles better already and I’ve come away with clothing that I love and which was checked to fit me right. Plus, the ancient, grotty thing I had been wearing went into the shop’s bra bin, in aid of various good causes. So another plus there.

I’m also getting to grips with the idea of maintaining a good garden this year. I always plant things, but very rarely do I maintain to a decent standard. Fruit bushes have been kind to me in the past – especially strawberries – but I plan to plant some heritage seeds which I’ve ordered. I have a crafty plan for how to organise myself, but will reveal in due course…

I will be saying goodbye to the car on Saturday morning… looking forward to a last blast up the road blaring Florence but I reckon Sunday I will be a total state. Wish me luck!


*I still have a shirt I owned when I was 10. And my Doc Marten’s from when I was 13. I wear both regularly. The shirt has even been around long enough to look kind of stylish again!