I’ve  done it! I have turned my Nan’s ugly old dresser from something that’s been clogging up the garage into a lovely window seat. The total spend was £10.

I used:

  • 4 new door knobs at £1.99 each – total £7.96
  • A charity shop duvet cover at £4.99 – used 2 square metres of the 8 which were there. Total – £1.24
  • Leftover ‘Elephant’s breath’ Farrow and Ball paint.
  • Nan’s old dressing table.
  • A cot mattress from freecycle.
  • TOTAL: £9.20

Even cheaper than Ikea. Score.

Here’s how it happened in nice, time-saving pictures.

In all its garagey glory

Stripped of all trimmings

Aaah… lazy. Didn’t paint the underside.

Right way up.

With door-knobs as feet.

From the front, measuring the cot mattress to cut

Ready to slice

Cut and ready for covering

Covered in the duvet cover.


When the weather is good next (ha!) I’ll take a picture of it, inclusive of window. It looks  really pretty.

Next furniture project? To turn a 90s pine hi-fi unit into some ME-inspired, N7 -coloured nerddom. Woo!