As some of you may know, I’ve managed to get a toy kitchen for Bub from freecycle. For pans, we’re using cup measures that I picked up from a charity shop for 99p  – they fit the toy hobs exactly. I’ll take a picture one of these days to show you. For the rest of the kitchen gear, I’ve been buying one mini-item per week from Wilkinson’s. It’s not as anti-consumer as I’d like, but at 75p a go for real kitchen equipment that I can add to the cupboards when Bub is finished with it, it’s not so bad. So far, we have a tiny wooden rolling-pin, a tiny balloon whisk and a tiny sieve (which fits the pans perfectly).

Which leaves food and crockery I suppose. I’ll get on to crockery before too long – I have a few ideas there – but for now, let’s do eatables.

You might remember that I made some bow pasta not too long ago (bow pasta which is annoyingly not to scale!). Whilst I plan to do more with felt, I decided that salt dough was another possibility – mostly because I’d just made Bub some salt dough to play with. Here’s what I came up with:

So, when instructions say, “bake on a low heat”, you’re best off doing that, lest your fake cookie dough end up brown and puffy. I will be doing this again, without whacking the oven up to 200 because I’m impatient.

A little more prep involved in this one – in order to be sure the dough bakes all the way through, you need to make a base of tin foil, then cover it in a thin layer of dough, shaping it until it looks like a bread loaf. You don’t need to top it with seeds, but I think it looks more realistic for it.