Men are intolerably hard to buy for, and unless you fancy knitting jumpers (which will inevitably turn out wrong) making them gifts can be even harder. Last year, I managed to find a wooden box for Dad to keep his collection of antique maps in, painted it the same colour as his study and lined it with silk. This time, I decided to do something for his paperwork/stationary/general gubbins.

A cheap paper storage box…

A very old, very tatty well-travelled map…

A combination of the above, and some PVA.

All finished.

Ready for wrapping.

Points to consider:

  • Use a decorative paper personal to the recipient. For my dad, I used maps of places we’ve lived, been on holiday etc.
  • Other ideas are: sheet music, sports pages from newspapers, a favourite book (I’m not advocating that you destroy their first edition, but getting a cheap paperback version from a charity shop might be an idea), dress patterns, recipes etc. The list is endless.
  • You can fill the box with other gifts as a really personal hamper.