Rather than faff with sachets of powder which inevitably spill it all over the kitchen side, I thought I’d make these real hot chocolate stirrers to dress up mugs for friends and family.

You need:

  • Some decent chocolate
  • Some lolly sticks/spoons
  • an ice-cube tray
  • any dressing you want. i.e. mini marshmallows or butterscotch chips.

All you need to do is melt your chocolate and fill the ice cube tray. I used dark choc for flavour, topped with white chocolate for sweetness. Once you’ve done that, sink your lolly stick/spoon into the cubes, sprinkle with any extras and leave to set. Don’t be tempted to put this in the fridge, as you’re risking sugar bloom which never looks good.

Ready for the fridge. I know I told you not to put yours in there, and this is how I know you shouldn’t! Sugar bloom is bad. Except in this case when it’s good because it means I need to keep and use all of the sticks.

Nom nom nom!

All finished – sugar bloom carefully hidden for the picture.

Dunk it in your milk. Vanilla soya milk makes outstanding hot chocolate, if you’re interested.

Melty melty…


Points to consider:

  • Does your recipient tend to add sugar to regular hot chocolate? If so, milk and white chocolate, marshmallows and butterscotch are probably a good idea.
  • Does your recipient like fancy chocs? You could add orange, rum or peppermint essence and give a ‘variety’ pack
  • These could be made using shaped moulds for children.