Well, this is about the single, easiest tutorial ever. In short: take kirby grip, slip shaft-button on. Wear.

Raw items

Combine the items (Horadric Cubes make this easier).

Sell your newly crafted item to passing merchants for gold. Spend less time playing games.

Points to consider:

  • If your button shaft is baggy – and I am fully aware that somehow, that sounded like a euphamism – you can stop the button from moving aroound too much by fixing the under side with a little glue. Please don’t be as impatient as I am though, and try to wear straight after applying the adhesive.
  • If anyone wants to see, I can show you a way of turning these guys into a cute skull-and-cross-bones card. I just didn’t think it was so Christmassy…
  • This makes an ideal gift for any relatives living far away as the grips don’t cost more than a normal letter to post. Card and gift in one – score.