Hey there all you lovely knitters and sewers. I have something to ask of you.

It’s a tough subject to write about, as no one wants to think of their hard work ending up in a charity shop – unwanted by the recipient you slaved away for  – but the reality is that from time to time, this happens. And I bet you’d rather they end up in the charity shop than the bin, right?

I’m not sure whether the English crafters here need to listen up too but for those of you in Scotland, USE WASHING INSTRUCTION LABELS. Please. Even if you just play it safe and get ones which say ‘dry clean only’.

To explain: Mum started volunteering for Barnardos in Inverurie (near Aberdeen for those unfamiliar with the geography of Grampian) and it’s policy there not to put anything out in the shop unless it has washing instructions on. If things don’t, they go for recycling. And all that work… gets turned into wall insulation. So please, because it pains me so, so much to think of things that have been worked so hard at thrown out, get some labels…

(This is where I got my logo labels from. Geeky Sweetheart found hers on this site, and these guys also look really good – all will print washing instruction labels for a very small outlay.)