A very kind lady gave me a copy of Mass Effect 3. I am giddy playing this thing. Yeah, you can make fun all you want but I am an unashamed whore for Bioware so… and it means I own my very own game. It’s all mine. I never have to give it back – take that Blockbuster!

I can play as many times as I like. Now that’s a dizzying concept.

Picking up the slack here at home while I don my Sheperd suit, S- has been making schnapps and toys.

An old hardwood floor sample, drilled with different size holes for threading and pen poking.

What do you guys think? Paint this?

Bub loves this a crazy amount. Everything new must be tested by trial of hole.

Speaking of Bub – I’ve not been totally idle. After the success of her last dress, I thought I’d give this tutorial a go. Sent to me by the wonderful Cybele via Pinterest, I’ve been wanting to do this for ages, but finally got around to it this morning.

A close up – non-moving target allowed this to happen.

Pocket detailing.

So yeah. That’d be about it.

Got some crazy-easy upcycled button things coming soon. Until then, I have to go meet Garrus and prove – once and for all – that I’m the better shot 😛