I’m up north right now due to a long and bizarre series of events in which I went slightly madder and my maternal grandmother caught shingles. Right now I’m enjoying a coal-fired Aga, lots of tea and the cool weather that only a Scottish summer can provide.

In between picking gooseberries and playing with vintage Fisher Price I decided to try out Amazon’s publish to kindle feature.

When I was around 17, I started writing a novel with my friend Jenni Clapham. We tried publishing through conventional means with mixed success. We were shortlisted in numerous competitions and had initial interest from various agencies and publishers, but for one reason or another, everything fell through. So, rather than leaving the book on my computer doing nothing, I decided to put it up on Kindle.

I think this is some wall in Vienna… it might be Prague…

I’ve got mixed feelings about this. When I wrote it, I was so full of passion and enthusiasm. I’m not 17 any more though and I’m wondering if perhaps I’ve grown out of the story. It is exactly what I’d have loved to read at that age, but now it feels… angsty? Clumsy? I don’t know. It doesn’t feel like me any more – a sharp contrast to when I wrote it and had trouble differentiating between Marlo and myself.

In any case, don’t expect any mad plugs. I wrote it, I’ve put it out there on all the social media I have access to and I will let it speak for itself. If you do come to read it, please leave an honest review on amazon – no one gets better at writing without taking criticism and I so want to get better.


Jacqueline – by Jenni Clapham and Fran Moldaschl

The 1906 election is looming in Krevaria.

Prime Minister Jacque Vikellan is desperate to secure the support of mining corporations, operating in the disputed north. In a final attempt to make peace with the rebel tribes, Vikellan proposes marriage between his younger brother and the tribal leader’s daughter.

But an ancient evil has been slumbering within the mountain village. Carried south to the capital and into the heart of government by the bridal party, the wizard Myrddin prepares to have his revenge on those who imprisoned him.