This was really fun and quick to make – as are most things which involve my glue gun! Whilst I had an MDF board as my base, I would recommend an art canvas instead – not only because it would be easier to hang, but also because it would be less likely to bonk anyone hard on the noggin if the cat tried to walk on it.

You need:

  • A base – MDF or a canvas
  • A covering fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Button trim

You will need…

Wrap your board like you would a gift.

Glue your ribbons in place with buttons at the points they cross.

Aaaand, that’s it. Easy.

Of course, you could make it look super-pro and go for very organised, regular lines… This one is a picture from and looks awesome.

Basically, you need to wrap your base in the fabric as if you’re wrapping a gift. Then, on the reverse, mark even intervals to show you where to attach the ribbons. I would illustrate with a photograph but I was too excited to stop gluing. Once you’ve done that, you need to glue the ribbons in place however you fancy doing them. In each place they cross, glue a groovy button. Score.