“This is for yanking my heart guts!” — Fiona.

Adventure Time. Come on, grab your friends.

Unfortunately, I can’t really punch what’s yanking my heart guts right about now. Bub is all sick and sleepy and though I’ve often said that I wish I could go back to the days where she’d just snooze on me for hours at a time – so that I could simply sit and enjoy cuddling her without having to worry about packing to move – I’d rather she was up and being her usual busy self.

Aside from anything else, I’m actually starting to get a little bit tired of Adventure Time. Seriously. The girl is mad for it. When one episode finishes, she goes in search of the remote and then whacks it at me until another one begins. Well… today, it was more of a lazy pointing accompanied by a whine but… you get the idea. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s the best cartoon around, but I’ve only got half of each season so the episodes are beginning to feel a little repetitive.

And my heart guts were yanked again today for Baby Bro. Seriously, the boy is 22, but I’d still love to punch whoever didn’t give him his license in the back of the head. Or set my warrior queen on her when she finally gets out of the fade (yeah, I’m playing DA: O again… what’s it to ya? *threatening look*) My point being, you never really stop being someone’s child/sibling regardless of how old you get.

This has caused another gut-wrenching realisation that I have the rest of my life to fret over every cough that Bub ever has.


Maybe I should just punch S-, and tell him off for the whole heart gut thing.