If you’re not much of a knitter, don’t worry. This is just about the easiest thing you can make beyond a simple garter stitch scarf. The yarn and not the knitting itself is what makes this look so good, which means it’s important to get your grubby mits on some Wendy Wisp wool. This comes in a range of soft, muted colours and is often classed as a chunky yarn. Another massive bonus is the fact that you can usually find it on ebay for less than £2 per ball, making this whole garment come to around £3.50 in material costs. Can’t grumble at that. Even if ebay can’t provide you with the yarn, Deramores usually have it on sale and even buying from a mainstream retailer like this will only leave you around £7 out of pocket.

So, easy and cheap. Score. Let’s get started.

  • To begin with, you need 7.5mm needles and two balls of your chosen Wendy Wisp colour.
  • Cast on two stitches and then knit one row.
  • Add another stitch to row 3. Knit row 4. Add another stitch to row 5. Knit row 6. And so on.
  • In short, you’re knitting garter stitch and increasing by one at every odd numbered row.
  • Do this until you finish the first ball of wool.
  • Join in the second ball.
  • Instead of increasing every odd row, decrease instead.
  • Cast off when you are down to two stitches.

Points to consider:

  • When you’re increasing your number of stitches, try to do this at the end of a row – it gives you a cleaner edge.
  • When you’re decreasing stitches, knitting two together at the end is usually the best way to go. Again, this gives a clean edge.
  • If you’re interested here is the original blue version of the shawl I made last year. This was also a gift for my mother in law – she liked it so much she asked for another colour. Praise indeed 🙂