I couldn’t possibly write a more succinct tutorial for this decorative kite than the incredible Disney at Ruffles and Stuff, but I did think of an alternative use for it.
Originally intended as a hanger for all of Paige’s adorable hair bows, this cute little kite was totally lost on my bald baby… So I decided to use it as a height chart, tying a new bow on the tail at various ‘milestone’ stages of Bub’s life.

Here’s my attempt in all it’s badly photographed glory. To see a decently documented version, head on over to Disney’s page for a good look! I absolutely love my attempt (which was made from a tea-towel) and can’t wait to add more bows as the years go by.

My supplies – a tea towel and wire coat hanger.

Kite, sans ribbon

Hung on Bub’s wall. No natural light available for this shot as we’ve had to nail a massive blanket over the window to keep it dark in kiddo’s room, thus preventing 5am mornings.