I return!

And come bearing a finished tank top. I started this in November, and based it on the same pattern as the Pacman one which I did for my brother. I decided to try knitting it in the round though, so that I didn’t have to endure any purling when unnecessary. This was a lot quicker than traditional knitting, however as I had such a massive break between starting and finishing this garment, my tension was totally ‘off’ and I ended up with a flared vest.

Excuse the lack of technical merit. My patience in getting arty shots is very limited at 5am. You should be able to see the tapering though…

What makes this worse is that technically, this is the best bit of kniting I’ve done. Only 2 seams on the shoulders – grafted, not sewn – and knitted on a round needle. Even the v-neck came out looking exactly right this time. So yeah, I’m gutted that it was tight on S-, making the chances of it fitting my dad – if you’ll excuse the pun – very thin indeed.

It’s fairly short too… didn’t really notice that until I took this picture. And it’s not like Dad’s a fat giant, he’s just fractionally wider than my husband, and around the same height… Poop.

Looks like tank top two for baby brother. Nuts.

In other news, the completion of this latest  failure has left me open to finishing a few more small projects which I started and never completed.

I also picked some flowers:

Lavender and some ‘pink ones’ in my upcycled vase.

Wider view of my mantlepiece.f