Today, I tried a very interesting exercise. I took Bub with me to a fabric shop and let her out of her pram. She walked reverently round the shelves with their colourful materials, pausing occasionally to point to a few which caught her eye, proclaiming ‘dat’ was the object of her affection. Then I took her to the button rack, and I don’t know what compelled me, but I said,

“Choose some buttons, then we’ll get some fabric to match and I will make you a dress.”

Dutifully, Bub pulled out a tube of turquoise buttons and instead of shaking them as I’d expected, she held them close to her chest like something precious, and walked them to a basket of fabric  off cuts which I hadn’t even seen.

And I kid you not, she placed the buttons on the floor and tried different bundles of cloth beside them, before finally settling on one called Victorian Roses by Fabri-Quilt.

Other finds today included an original water colour for £3.99 and a vintage Yorkshire tourist tea-tray. Score. I really lucked out today!

The fabric on top is the one daughter picked to match the buttons below. The other fabrics are for a top-secret project.

The water colour of somewhere in Kent, I’m told.

The awesome Yorkshire tray! 🙂