Exactly as the title says. Bub needed a dress which would cover her all over and keep her cool*. Drawing inspiration from the kaftan I bought in Marrakech, I used a little square of strawberry fabric and some ribbon which came with a flower bouquet to make this little frock.

All you do is fold the fabric in half, cut a neck hole in (I added elastic to make sure Daughter’s shoulders didn’t burn), attach the ribbon to the waist on the inside, then cut two holes for it in the back… done! You probably want to hem it too, depending on which fabric you’re using.

I love the way this hangs at the sides. I did sew them together to make sure Bub remains the demure little thing she clearly is (ahem) but I don’t think it detracts at all.

First time I’ve used elastic to bunch anything up but will be doing it all the time from now on! When not done with a baby on your knee, you get a really great, professional look. Guess where Bub joined me… ?

From the front now – I think it I was doing it again (and I probably will using a heavy wool weave come winter) then I would mark the waist with ribbon to make it stand out a bit more. I think it looks a little like a sting-ray with just the star buttons at the point where the ribbons attach.

From the back – again, were I doing it again, I’d co-ordinate the colours a little more. The yellow is a little sickly compared to the pretty red and white pattern of the fabric.

In other news, I went to the 9th Ladies Tractor Road Run in Norfolk today. Around 130 tractors, kitted out in pink bling and driven by similarly embellished ladies, took to the rural roads of my adopted home county. It was an incredible sight, seeing them all decked out in support of Cancer Research UK and lining a random field. The lady we went to support – the writer of One Stitch at a Time – has done an incredible job of fundraising, earning 430% of her original target (at time of publication). If you could find a few pennies to add to her total, that would be super-awesome.


*I’m aware I could technically have slathered her in sun-screen but I hate the sticky feeling that comes with it, so if I can avoid buttering Bub, I will.