So, as promised, here are some methods which have helped me hang on to Bub’s sleep suits for a little longer. You’ll have to excuse the quality of the pictures – I took them on a grey sort of a day as kiddo was running around, stealing my lunch.

Suit 1. As you can see, I’ve already cut the feet off in order to extend the life a little.

When Bub grew out of this – even with the little sock parts removed – I decided that the best thing to do was turn it into a shirt of sorts. Another crazy-easy alteration – all that was needed was a pair of scissors. I decided not to even bother hemming this one because the fabric is so far gone that I doubt neatening it up with a hem would make much difference to how it looked overall.

A little shirt… coat… thing.

The second suit didn’t have any feet to cut out to begin with, being essentially a t-shirt with poppers on the bottom. Again, another mod with the scissors only on account of the fabric looking a little past its best. I might hem it at a later date though as this doesn’t work as well as the jacket above.

Dinosaur clothes are the best!

As I say, I might (read: probably) will hem this to neaten things up a little before too long.

I felt that I should include a few of Bub’s more boyish clothes so that people with wee men wouldn’t feel too left out.

So there you have it – two sleep suit reworks. I’ll let you know when I do some more baby togs.

Any of you guys have any ideas for how to keep clothes going?