I’ve been on a mission to save money of late, mostly so I don’t need to go back to work and can keep crafting, but partially because… well no. It’s all about the craft time.

So, I thought I’d start by sharing the simplest way I’ve found of making Bub’s clothes last just that little bit longer – the body-suit to t-shirt mod. +2 to heat resist, +10 to sewing ease and best of all, +17 to epic win.

Yes. I’m having massive Dragon Age withdrawls. Damn you, Bioware. Work faster. And add more dwarves, for heaven’s sake!

Ok, so my ramblings aside. Step 1:


Select your body suit and decide where you want the new sleeves to sit and how long you want the t-shirt to be. I cut as close to the fastenings as I could to make sure Bub gets maximum use out of it. Mark where you want to cut.

 You’ll have to excuse the pictures – Bub was in bed so couldn’t model any of this. If you’re lucky I’ll see if I can get a pic of her tomorrow. Anyway, step 2:


Once you’ve cut along your lines you should have something like this. It is totally wearable as is because the fabric is a jersey. Hooray – no hems necessary. Told you it was quick. To neaten things up though, move onto…

Step 3:


I used a roll of lace I had lying around for the trim. I reckon stretchy stuff would have worked better here, given the jersy fabric, but whatever. This was easy enough to sew.

 I should also mention that I have a brand new sewing machine, bought just for me to match my living room. No one else has owned it before. It is entirely my own. Thank you, M-.