Long story short: I’ve been taking 2 buckets of hardcore to the tip every day for the last few weeks. Today, while I was there, I found this vase:

I might have been too excited about starting this project to take a picture before I started…
There is a slight chip at the top of the glass but nothing worth throwing the vase out over.

So, I attacked the vase with some of my incomplete dress patterns and PVA glue. This is the result:

The finished vase. The chip isn’t even visible any more.

I’m really pleased with the finished result, though I don’t know what to do with it now. (Anyone want a vase?) I plan on doing the same thing with some glass jars so that I can use them as tea lights, but I might actually fish the fairy lights down from the loft and stick them in the vase to make a lamp… I could do with a lamp.

I wonder if i could somehow figure out how to run the wire through the bottom, rather than over the top. Though I guess that would render it useless as a container of flowers… hhmmm…