I’d say that 99% of the cakes I make never see any sort of icing. If they do, it’s the lemon drizzle variety and takes all of three seconds. I guess having a professional caker for a friend will do that to you… My results inevitably look crap by comparison.

But, I made a Jubilee Cake for Bub’s nursery party today and I am so proud of it. It’s just a Victoria Sponge – it was going to be much more special but said attempt became a frisby that even a labrador wouldn’t eat – covered in cream and summer berries. Still, I iced it, all by myself and it doesn’t look like a dog spewed on it.

Congratulate my cake! I demands it!

Of course, by the time I get it to nursery, it’ll be nothing more than a blob of sponge with berries sticking out at odd angles, but at least I photographed it first!