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Tried painting for the first time with Bub the other day. That was an experience.

At first, I set up the paints for me – little blobs of coloured gunk, neatly spaced on a plate. Of course,  Bub saw this an oportunity to mash her sausage fingers into the colours until all she had was brown. Hhmmm…. an exercise in colour mixing perhaps?

So I set the paints up for Bub. One colour at a time, careful not to draw attention to facial features on me, her or the cat, lest it remind her that she has a mouth ideal for shovelling yellow paint into. Distractions of paper and drawing failed. The child ate half the paint bottle.

The library next. A very successful diversion, especially as the building is air-conditioned and I’m allergic to heat. Still, bored after five minutes.

Next came the bowl full of water and a sponge in the front garden while I tried to do some weeding. No such luck. This was nowhere close to being  as interesting as the pebbles. You see, you can pick pebbles up and eat them. Water, not so much so.

Occupying this kid is getting harder and harder. All ideas gratefully received.

We did some baking at 7am, having been up since 5. Last time I let an infant near a bowl full of melted chocolate…

In any case, I thought I’d just let you know what’s been going on in my world of late in an effort to explain my absence. Whilst most things going on have been Bub related in some way or other, I’ve managed to make a start on the garden, and finally begin the fantasy story I’ve been itching to write for so long. If anyone wants to read it by the way, drop me a line. I love hearing about my own writing 😛

Anyway, since Bub has been getting up at 5am, I’m off to bed now it’s as late as 7.30.  😛 I’ll post some pics in the morning.




This time…

….last year I was sat in the back seat of Charlie Micra, as S- drove Bub and I home from the hospital.

What a year it’s been.

I’m drinking whiskey now. Seems like the thing to do.