I came away from the amazing trip round Europe with a new resolve to make the most of what I have. Having managed with just half the number of socks I thought I’d need, it’s made me reassess the things in my life.

Prepare for crafting.

Not really a craft, but the first of many things one could do with old, incomplete dress patterns is to use them as free wrapping paper. I think they look really stylish when coupled with tonal ribbons.

Honestly though? I’ve got thousands of patterns all lined up neatly in a box upstairs and very little inspiration regarding what to use them for. I’ve sifted out the ones I want to sew and will do that when my machines finally get serviced. Whilst I’m positive that they can be made into hundreds of awesome things, I just don’t know what those are.

Other non-sewing suggestions would be greatly appreciated. What would you do with incomplete patterns?