I have returned from both Europe and my post-baby misery. It’s amazing what a few weeks of good food, good friends and fresh air can do. And Prague, of course – where would we be without honey cake after all.

I would share what I wrote along the way, but due to my penchant for pretending to be Indy, I wrote everything down in a leather journal which my inherent laziness prevents me from typing up.

If you’re interested in seeing my mass of pictures, email me and I’ll share the folder. If you’re interested in seeing thoughtfully captioned pictures, then the lovely Misti has taken the time to do what I have not.

Highlights of the  trip?

  • Honey cake in Prague
  • Finding 50 Euros on the street in Frankfurt
  • Mint tea at the library in Amsterdam
  • Reading Joe Abercrombie’s books
  • The snow in Munich
  • Having my cameo clipped out of black paper by the artists in Montmartre
  • Buying bears in Prague
  • How good the Czech coins feel to hold
  • Hot honey wine at the Prague market
  • The gingerbread and tiny sausages of Nurnburg
  • Coming home to see the look of surprise on Bub’s face when I got in the car
  • Being handed a cuppa at Medburn and feeling like I was home

I’ve come away with so many ideas for stories, foods, clothes and changes that need to be made. Afterall, you need half the clothes and twice tthe fruit as you’d think you do.