C- came by yesterday, and brought with her another awesome present for Bub. Seriously, this child has the most amazing things made by my incredible crafty friends. It’s made me want to create again.

Yes. C- made those foam blocks. Are they not the most amazing bricks you've ever seen?

Since I went on my epic knitting kick a while back, I’ve not been crafting it up as much as I could have been (read: not at all).

There’s loads of things I want to try though, delayed by a few obstacles that are not easily remedied. Firstly, I need to get through my wool stash – or offer some of the odd balls I have to any interested parties? – so that I can dress the little toy cot I’m keeping it in at present. Bub and I have been putting Judith Noreen the Cabbage Patch Kid – and my only childhood doll* – to bed so that Bub can see that it isn’t a big deal being left in her crib.

That’s the theory anyway… in practise, Bub decides that Judith needs to be taken out of her current cardboard bed, get dragged around by her hair for a few minutes and then abandoned in favour of whatever book happens to have been left, broken-spined by the book-basket.

But yes, anyway. Wool. I have 4 projects underway – a tank-top for my dad, a scarf for my American friend’s girlfriend, a cardigan for Bub, and a pair of mittens for myself. Once these are complete, a significant portion of wool will have vanished, but not enough. Either I need to go antique/furniture shopping for some alternative storage (great in theory, but I’m broke) or knit the rest of the stash away. Time consuming. I wonder what there is in the garage that I can repurpose…**

The other main obstacle is much harder. To put the toy cot into Bub’s room, we need to get rid of a dressing table which came with us from the last house. It’s totally out of place here and was just dumped unceremoniously in Bub’s room because we had no space anywhere else.

And it belonged to my Nan.

I can remember sitting in her bedroom as a very little girl, pawing through the jewellery box she kept in the ‘secret’ centre drawer. She would drape all kinds of coloured plastic beads around my neck and I would feel like a princess.When I was a few years older, I would take the crystal perfume bottles that sat before the mirror and fill them with water, replacing them on their tray where they could catch the sun from the window reflected in the looking-glass. They seemed to glow – hazy yellow light spilling out of them into the cool pink room.

It is not a fine piece of furniture. Cheaply made, and certainly not built to withstand four generations, it is rickety at best. I don’t even like the look of it. Veneered and shaped to look older than it is, it is a poor attempt at imitating antique styles. If I saw it in a shop, I wouldn’t even look to comment. It is so innocuous that amongst other furniture it becomes almost invisible.

But the thought of putting it on Gumtree breaks my heart a little bit. I have a few things of Nan’s. I used to have her wedding ring – stolen while I was in Denmark with my own and Nan’s engagement rings – and still wear her St Christopher pendant whenever I travel. It was nice to have something so every day and concrete to touch though – something that can’t get lost.

It’s daft – she would have been the first person to tell me to ‘get it gone’ and spend the money on something for Marian.

And I will. It’ll just be hard though. ^

Anyway – furniture angst aside. With the enormous mirror on the dressing table gone, the back wall of Bub’s room will look pretty bare. So my first make on getting rid of the dressing table, will be this coat-hanger kite.

As Bub has no hair though, she has no hair slides that need organising so I will be using this to mark her height. As her first birthday is coming up in a few months, and as she can now stand unaided – walking imminent – I thought it would be a good time to take her first measurement, charting her growth by stitching bows to the main ribbon. Good, eh? The tutorial, if you’re interested, is from Ruffles and Stuff, my current favourite crafty blog. Hooray.


* I wasn’t toy-starved as a kid – I just didn’t like dolls. I had lots of stuffed animals which served a similar purpose though.

**As I typed that, I realised that I could make an enormous one of these to sit on top of my chest of drawers in the bedroom. Woo! Cheap! Really need to get that sewing machine serviced…

^  If anyone wants a dressing table and can collect, please tell me. You’re welcome to it. No charge. It’s got no monetary value but with some love, could be very pretty. I reckon a nice white gloss paint, pretty handles and a coordinating fabric on the stool would do it the world of good. That was my plan for it anyway – I just don’t have the space.