I find myself brimming with pride. For a week now, Bub has been ignoring her toy box in favour of her books.

Fox’s Socks and Postman Bear seem to be her favourites, followed by Norman, the Snail with the Silly Shell. To begin with she loved her Danish flap books, but enthusiasm has rendered them flapless…

As I type, she is sat in the centre of an enormous pile of baby-friendly tomes. I am so proud.

It goes part way to making up for the sleep we’re not having. 5am is not the morning, Bub. It’s still night. And breathing is pretty essential to my standing beside your crib as you drop off, so screaming every time I do so slightly louder than usual is counter productive to your cause. I mean, seriously. If I so much as move a finger, the howling begins.

When she’s in bed, she sleeps really well. It’s just getting her there which is painful.

Any advice is very well received. I want the energy to go back to playing ME2 late into the night. I mean… have the energy to tidy up and do other useful things…