It’s amazing how music can take you back to a specific point in your life. I’m sitting listening to the music we took off my last computer before selling it on. That was in 2007.

K’s Choice has put me back at M-‘s house in Ellon. Panic at the Disco has me hopelessly lost in Lincoln, behind the wheel of Charlie Micra. The Fray – it was a phase, I swear – leaves me in that deliciously angst filled summed just before uni ended.

Idlewild, I’d never heard before today. Why the hell do I have the entire Idlewild discography? I normally only end up with inexplicable music on my computer when I’m trying to impress a boy* but since I was living with my then fiance (now husband) when that computer and I went our separate ways I’m at a total loss.


*That should be past tense but since I’m blind typing this quickly – my wool is getting watered – you can past-tense it yourselves 😛