I made this little Space Invader hat for Bub, using some of the afore-mentioned epic neon wool. Only, Bub apparently takes after me and has an enormous head*.

I'm going to use the pattern again in future, just make it significantly larger.

Close up.

SO… If anyone knows a child/beloved teddy/cat/small yippy dog which wants a Space Invader hat, PLEASE drop me a line. I will post anywhere for frees. As long as you send me a pic of it being enjoyed, I am happy. Even though Bub’s head is big, I would say it won’t fit a child over 12 months. My reckoning is that 3-6 month olds would get the most use out of it.

Many love!


*I do have a massive head, and not just figuratively. By 11 I could wear my dad’s cycling helmet. Up until Bub was born I prayed daily that she’d have a human sized noggin. No such luck. And afterwards, when I tried to tell people they just laughed, saying, “You’ll soon forget and have another.” Well, ha! Here is proof. The pattern I used as a base was for a 12-18 month old and at just 10 moons, it sits atop Bub’s head like a weird fascinator. No hope of Ascot for the kid.