No, I haven’t found a new game (well, I have, but I finished it an hour ago). Nor have I somehow worked up the enthusiasm to do some (read: any) cleaning. I am not back knitting (there are 3 unfinished projects in my wool crib that I just don’t want to work on, and starting something else to get wrecked by the cat seems pointless).

My family has succumb to the winter vomiting bug. Hooray.

So, if I’m not here, don’t presume I’m doing anything fun. Presume that my random immunity to most stomach pleasantries has held and that I’m fetching broths and dry white toast – hold the four fried chickens – for Bub and her Da.

Frankiesoup out.*


*Mass Effect 3 can not go into the pre-owned section soon enough… I should go.