For Christmas, a friend of mine bought me some epic wool. It’s a DK synthetic… and its flourescent pink. I mean, this stuff glows. It’s positively radioactive. I was told I could have as much as I want, if I can use it and so I’m determined to take him up on the offer. Rather than knit something daft though – which was my original intention – I thought it’d be a far greater challenge to make something pretty…

So. Suggestions? I thought about getting some super-chunky brown or grey wool and knitting the odd stripe double with the pink, so it’s more just a fleck running through something quite subtle… Socks are too obvious and whilst I do still love the idea of a hoodie tunic to wear to bed, depicting the 80s cartoon plane, Gloria – of Jimbo and the Jet Set fame – I think my chances of staying married for more than 20 minutes after donning the garment would be negligible. Also, I hate putting Bub in pink so all baby items are out… unless they’re too hilarious not to make.

What do you reckon?