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Free to good home: One fantasy story

I have been trying to write. I have THE BEST fantasy story ever in my brain. I mean, really. I can’t stop thinking about it.

Which I guess is the problem. I want to read it. I want to travel along with these characters and see them reach their right (not necessarily happy) endings. I want to be there when they fail, when they pick themselves up and try again, when they win.

I want someone else to write it for me so that I can enjoy it. BecauseĀ  I know I would.

Part of me wants to save up a bit and find a good ghost writer to do the job for me – but I’m not sure if I could give up this incredibly rich world I’ve created in case it doesn’t come back to me in one piece. Part of me wants to just bite the bullet, scribble down any old thing and leave it for a year, coming back to read and edit – but that option involves looking at the story from a technical perspective which is the problem in the first place. Part of me wants to involve my writer friends in the project, but as they’re all busy, it seems cruel to badger them about something I wouldn’t have the patience to wait for.

Anyone else ever have this problem? When you’re so excited about an idea that you can’t work on it for buzzing? Bleh. Cup of tea time. I’ll vent my frustrations on Knight Commander Meredith.



For Christmas, a friend of mine bought me some epic wool. It’s a DK synthetic… and its flourescent pink. I mean, this stuff glows. It’s positively radioactive. I was told I could have as much as I want, if I can use it and so I’m determined to take him up on the offer. Rather than knit something daft though – which was my original intention – I thought it’d be a far greater challenge to make something pretty…

So. Suggestions? I thought about getting some super-chunky brown or grey wool and knitting the odd stripe double with the pink, so it’s more just a fleck running through something quite subtle… Socks are too obvious and whilst I do still love the idea of a hoodie tunic to wear to bed, depicting the 80s cartoon plane, Gloria – of Jimbo and the Jet Set fame – I think my chances of staying married for more than 20 minutes after donning the garment would be negligible. Also, I hate putting Bub in pink so all baby items are out… unless they’re too hilarious not to make.

What do you reckon?


I finally finished playing Dragon Age: Origins… and then the much maligned Dragon Age: II. Which isn’t a bad game – for the record – it’s just not as good as the first. The best way to describe it is by telling you to imagine Origins as the popular kid in school. You know the one – he had the Optimus Prime toy that the rest of us could only dream of. II is like his younger brother. You hang out with him because he’s nice enough and there’s that promise of awesome Transformers. And though said toys never really materialise, it’s nice to think that they might be in the house somewhere. Besides, no sequel lacking Zevran and Alistair to insult one another as you’re running around really stood a chance.

So S- bought me Skyrim. And I was so excited. I mean, I was nearly as excited about Skyrim as I am about my trip around Europe in the spring.

I still desperately want to love this game. It’s so pretty, and I actually have a horse to roam around the countryside on for once*… but so far I’m not feeling the love everyone else seems to. It’s not that the world is lacking in any way – it’s really not. Running around shopping, gathering herbs, visiting mead halls and such feels so involved that it has shades of the every day about it. Which is the problem I suppose.

When I play a game, I want to be transported away from the every day. I play games rather than watch films of an evening because I want to feel that what I’m doing matters – like I’m achieving something by letting my backside grow on the sofa. There is no sense of urgency in Skyrim. I don’t feel as though anything is at stake. Even Dragon Age: II felt more pressing, despite its limited setting and lamentable plot, because you were surrounded by people who relied on you for whatever reason. The loneliness in Skyrim just makes everything seem a little pointless.

I will continue playing for a little while, but since I am not as consumed by this game, I might actually be able to return to a bit of knitting in the evenings. Ooh! And writing…


*I’ve wanted a mount since playing Phantasy Star on the Dreamcast.