… so little time.

I am not writing so often at the moment because I am determined to be queen in Dragon Age: Origins.  This involves romancing an NPC called Alistair. Any non-Bub energy is currently invested in that.

It’s amazing how caught up in this game I am. It’s like living LOTR or something…

And it’s made me want to write fantasy again. I stopped doing that after reading the Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons because I thought I could never write sci-fi/fantasy as good as that. I have come to realise though, that the writing does not have to be sparkling – simply passable – to tell a rollocking tale. I have lots of such stories in my head but haven’t dared write them.

But I will… soon. After I’ve read my George MacDonald books and finished Dragon Age.

If only Husband would get off the PS3.