If you’re wondering where I’ve been, my door is broken and I may have locked myself out. I may also now be nursing a cold as a result.

Otherwise, here is a recipe for Christmas Jam. It’s brilliant with pork, turkey, bread and butter… most things really. It’s essentially spiced cranberry sauce.

Christmas in a pan. This smells divine.

So, for the above festive pot, you will need:

2 Sainsbury’s bags of fresh cranberries. I think there was 250g in each… I forget though.
6 oranges
6 cloves
a stick of cinnamon
enough sugar

Juice your oranges and add the juice to the cranberries in a big pan. Save your orange peel and remove the pith (the white stuff) otherwise you will have bitter goo. Slice the peel into big chunks so that you can easily retrieve it and stud one piece with cloves. You’re boiling the peel to release the pectin and set the sauce though for a more jelly-like substance you might want to skip this bit and use a pack of pectin/jam sugar.

Anyways. Add your cinnamon stick and enough water to cover the fruit and simmer until the cranberries release their juices. After about 5 minutes though, you should remove the clove orange peel and the cinnamon stick or you’ll taste nothing but the spices.

Post straining.

Strain your red goo into a measuring jug and take a note of how much there is. Return the mixture to the pan and boil up. Add the same volume of sugar as you have of liquid. It seems like a lot, but the cranberries and the orange are both very bitter.

Lovely coloured jars.