Though I swore I was never going to post face pics of Bub online, I couldn’t not share these in which she is modelling one of the things I didn’t sell.

Giggle girl!

"Hello world! I'm a smiler!"

Tricky things, ducks.

So, there you have it. Bub, in all of her bunny hat glory. I didn’t knit her cardigan, by the way. That was picked up for 50p in a charity shop. I’m not entirely sure how people can give away hand-knitted baby clothes – I have a box full that I can’t part company with. The pillow, however, is my own work. I made it at school when I was 14. I didn’t get a great grade for it because the applique wasn’t deemed to be complicated enough. I wasn’t really fussed – the faster I got on with the ‘boring’ sewing things, the faster I could switch to making food. How the tables have turned.