So as you can imagine, I’ve been crazy busy in the run-up to Saturday’s stall at Risby.

Below are a few of the things I’m taking with me to sell. Some of them you may have seen before.

Even if they’re not you’re cup of tea, I’d still love to say ‘hi’ and see some friendly faces. The market starts at 9am in Risby village hall, Suffolk, and finishes at 1pm. As an extra incentive, Bub will be there from mid-morning.

Please excuse the dodgy photos. Bub has been pulling herself up on things so time with the camera is limited. Eyes must be forever on her.

Other side of the same cushions.

The third cushion

Super-soft grown up people hats.

Various hats shaped like animals for little people.

A little tank-top with matching hat. There will be some girl clothes too.

I’ve also got some mug cozies, possibly a Bee Cozy and some little toy-animal stocking fillers.