So, I went out to buy milk today and might have come back with a chest.

It was a matter of life and death, though. Last night, getting up to tend to screaming Bub at 3am, I nearly broke my neck falling over husband’s sports bag which had been ceremoniously dumped in its usual ‘home’ in the bedroom door. I’ve been saying I’ll find somewhere to put it for ages, but when I stumbled upon a little padded chest at the Risby Antique Barn for £25.

Not only does it house the bag of doom, but it also holds Bub’s nappy bag, whilst the padding makes it feel more like a chair and in turn, the hall feel more like a room. I don’t know if it’ll stay there, or if it’ll go beneath our bedroom windowsill to allow my wool to inhabit the hall. Either way… It does the job for now.

Not the best pic, but I'm pressed for (nap) time.