If I still had facebook, the title of this post would be my status. After a good three hours of trying to get Bub to sleep last night, and after only four hours of actual shut-eye, our neighbour decided to warm up his car before he headed off to work. Maybe he’s an astronaut or something – someone who needs to be out and about in the stars anyway. Normally, I’d say, ‘good for him – keep the engine ticking nicely,’ but when the engine is clearly not doing anything nicely, I just want to slap him about a bit for making us endure that horrendous screech which duly woke Bub, and thus the rest of the house too.

In other, happier news though, I was right about the sewing machine. The Frister and Rossmann Cub 7 is the best machine I have ever stitched on. After over a decade since its last use, this glorious contraption has helped me to create Bub’s Christmas stocking. If anyone is looking for a manual for the Cub 7, I found a link to a free online version here.

I used red felt and some pretty cream fabric with a gold print.

Close up on the cheat 'quilting'. By using felt rather than proper fabric you can just sew one layer and the whole thing looks quilted.

This is the heel, where I hope the majority of her loot will sit in coming years.

This year, she’ll only get an orange and some bread sticks – her current favourite food – because she’s too young to understand what is going on. It wouldn’t feel right for me not to give her anything at all though, hence the single large toy and the token stocking. Happily, she will appreciate the wrapping paper though. Paper is tasty, don’t you know?

What is anyone else with babies doing/have done in the past?