So we’re back from Scotland.

The week in the old-country passed in the blink of an eye and to all the people I didn’t get to see – i.e. everyone that isn’t my parents – I apologise. Whilst I didn’t get to meet up with everyone I would have liked to, I did get to buy a lot of wool and have inherited a lot of exciting knitting patterns.

And – don’t judge me too harshly – a sewing machine. Yes, I know. I just got rid of the last one which was possessed and would have cost hundreds to repair.  But I really think this one – which was my Mum’s – might be different. It’s early days in our relationship, but I’m wondering if this natty little specimen might be the one. I will be testing it tonight when I make Bub’s Christmas stocking and an armadillo costume… No, you probably shouldn’t ask.

Anyways, I haven’t been completely idle. The sweater I’ve been knitting for S-‘s dad since this time last year is less than a sleeve away from completion and my celebratory trawl round the charity shops yielded great success.

Whilst this looks fine by the sofa, I am informed that the wool will block the sound from the subwoofer. And we don't want that. Apparently.

Today I found an old toy cot, painted in a very pale pink. It needs a bit of work but for now functions on a shabby chic sort of level. I will eventually give it to Bub, but it makes a good wool holder, freeing up…

These aren't ideal, but they work for the time being. I think Mum is after them so I will endeavour to free them of my husband's sport shoes asap.

… the wooden boxes that my wool had been stored in. Sports shoes seem to be breeding in my house at present so by turning the boxes on one end, they will serve as a temporary shoe home. I will endeavour to talk husband into building something for the corridor this weekend, but we’ll see how well that goes…

Finally, I thought I’d share Bub’s Christmas gift with you. I picked it up on ebay for less than £15. I showed it to her to gauge whether she was old enough to enjoy it, and sure enough, there were miles of smiles. I have hidden it away again for her to enjoy on the big day. I know she won’t have a clue what’s going on, but I’ve got to get her something.