Why are men so hard to knit for? You find the nicest, softest real wool you can and it’s too itchy. You find a really simple pattern and it’s too ornate. All you ever end up knitting for them is stocking stitch – or at a push, rib – in shades of an acrylic man rainbow. Your colour choices are limited to browns, greys, blues and black. You could always go cream, but bear in mind that cream only really flies for tank tops in cricket season. Urgh.

I wouldn’t normally bother, but I care a great deal for the person I’m knitting this for. Anyone else – husband included* – and I’d just knit what the hell I felt like and guilt them into wearing it. But this guy has stuck by me through all kinds of (often drunken) crap and I’d like to make something that he will wear and enjoy. All the men I know have said that the fun pattern I was knitting was good, but was probably slightly too girlie to wear.

So, with that in mind, I will post a link on here in case anyone else has a use for it. Despite being called a ‘manly scarf’ on Ravelry, my men have judged it to be otherwise.

Link to the Not-so-Manly scarf.


*Just to clarify, I don’t knit for husband any more. If I say I’m making something for him, I’m actually just making a generic item because I can’t think of any other projects. He thinks all wool itches too much and that everything I make is too girllie anyway.