The great Christmas knitathon is in full flow. I have organised my projects so that when the November migration to Scotland happens, I won’t be working on anything for any of the accompanying group.

This is the first of the finished items that I can show you prior to January. It’s a shawl for my mother-in-law, to be worn over a jacket. For reasons unknown, these are pretty hip in Denmark. Or at least, I’ve seen a lot of people wearing them.  L- really loves all things blue, so I made this simple shawl by getting two balls of Wendy Wisp yarn in the appropriate colour. The whole thing is garter stitch and was made by casting on 2 stitches, then increasing by one every second row. When I ran out of wool from the first ball, I joined in the second and just decreased every second row instead. It’s about as easy as you can get, but because the yarn is so textured, it looks fairly good.

The stripes just happened - they're part of the yarn and weren't intentional on my part.

The increase, then decrease, of stitches makes a really 'pointy' point.

As you can see, garter stitch is perfectly adequate for the Wendy Wisp - it's a really forgiving yarn.

Total cost? £5.98.  I reckon it would cost a lot more to buy. I would say though that the blue is slightly more garish than Deramores would have you believe. I’ve knitted a cowl in the green before and that was a far more subtle palette. It all depends what you want I guess. It might be worth looking at this in an actual shop.