Really, I want to have a rant about the NHS report but I’m enjoying some red wine and ignoring football instead.

Today, I broke my golden rule and went driving within the M25. So far in, in fact, that I passed a freakin’ tube station. Never again. And to think death once frightened me – now all that I am afraid of are areas where the phone numbers begin ’02’.

On the plus side, while I did miss out on a tea-drinking/writing session with Work Wife, I did manage to acquire a super-cheap Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair.

These are adjustable so that Bub can sit in it for many years to come.

It’s by the same company which made her bed.

If I haven’t mentioned her awesome bed before then allow me to wax-lyrical now. Not only does it grow from teeny crib to big cot, it also grows from big cot, to bed, to chairs.

Even if I’d bought these items of furniture new, I’d feel like I’d got value for money, but as things stand my smug, bargain-hunter self is intolerably proud of having sourced both for under £300 when the cot alone would have cost more new. (Thank you Mummy and Daddy!)

I love clever baby things which utilise existing stuff. Little pleases me more than smart ways to use space. My Avent microwave steriliser is a favourite, as are the (used) Cotton Bottoms nappies I have which double as sick clothes. They’ve saved countless thousands of tress worth in kitchen roll and nappies already!

Anyway, I have forgotten what I was going to complain about now so the wine has done its job. Now, off to bed. It’s been a long time since April 29th when I last slept a full night and that rare commodity that is sleep must be enjoyed whenever possible.

Urgh. Listen to me.