It’s amazing what one can accomplish in a day when the internet doesn’t interfere.

My connection was dodgy from about ten o’clock this morning and as a result I managed to tidy the living room, do some washing, hoover the house, move Bub’s bed into her own room and make the final transition from boob to bottle. I have sourced a high-chair, found a Christmas present for my husband, nearly knitted through a ball of wool and have sorted through my wardrobe.

Dad once described the internet as a never-ending stack of magazines and he’s right. It’s just full of wonderfully distracting ways to waste a day.

Thank goodness my connection is back!

You see, whilst the internet is generally a force of time-consuming evil, it can also be a force for good. This year, because the internet has told me to, I will be joining in with National Novel Writing Month in November. I know Mum is doing it, and Husband has informed me Work Wife will be too… if anyone else fancies giving it a shot I thought we could egg each other on?

It seems like a huge task,to write a novel in a month, but as Mum pointed out, it’s only 1700 words a day which is approximately four times as much as I write per blog post. So, in my word doc, I have written out the numbers one to thirty, and have arranged my plot points beside these chronologically. Now I know what I need to write about each day. As long as each point reaches at least 1700 words, it should be doable.

This is the synopsis I’ve written so far. The story I’m planning is a fantasy, but actually there’s no magic or elves in it. I just can’t be bothered researching medieval society enough for me to be able to call it historic fiction:

When the infant Princess Matilda is orphaned by war, the (councillors) of the Gartree set to finding her a regent. But as the nation’s elders argue to secure their own fortunes, a small group of rebels is massing in the borderlands to the north, intent on replacing the monarchy with government.