Here we are again. Back from Denmark.

I will blog about my failure to craft fingerless gloves that look like the ‘live long and prosper’ sign tomorrow but first, here is a cheap and easy post with some pictures from our trip.

Say, 'Hello,' to the handsomest hound in the world - my inlaws' five year old puppy!

Other Danish animal friends included this happy toad. Or it may be a frog. I don't know. He seemed pretty happy anyway.

We met the toad on my island paradise, also known as Fanoe. It is a windy, wet place with little to recommend it to the under 70s. I adore it. There is a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker and really, what more could you ask for. Here is an attempt at an arty picture of the inlaws' thatch on the summer house.

Denmark is, however, capable of sunny times, as illustrated by these sunny flowers.


And this sunny bark. I like that it's nearly see-through.

Other things I like include the fact that Bub believes that her reflection is another baby...


And this beautiful cake, made for Bub.

It was almost a shame to cut this up, but I'm glad we did. When everyone else had gone home, there was a row of cake left which we proceeded to divvy up between five of us. I felt terrible afterwards, but whilst I was eating the cake, there was nothing wrong in the world.

The cake deserves a non-captioned mention and was created by Misti‘s Danish equivalent, Bitten. If you ever find yourself in the wilds of Scandinavia, in need of a cake, I highly recommend you get in touch. She is awesome.