I feel I have grown this weekend.

I should have realised sooner. I am not superwoman. It’s not for lack of trying though…

I got up on Saturday determined to do my baking for the entire week, finish the little tank-top I was  making, slice the Thing-That-Should-Be-Soap, catch up on the washing and enjoy some quality time with husband. My plan for Sunday was to go to the reclamation yard, buy some pots for the front garden to fill with flowers and finally get the front of the bungalow looking as if it belonged in the same street as the rest of the immaculate houses around here.

So I began by playing with Bub, plucking 2kg of elderberries from their stalks  to use  for cordial and then we went out.

S-‘s friend has a little boy the same age as our daughter so we thought we’d meet up for a coffee at La Hogue. If you’ve not been out there before, it’s worth a visit. Anyhow, they were having a suppliers fair this weekend so we trundled out with the intention of having a look around and nomming some free samples, and came away with over £50 worth of things!

I would highly recommend Butterworth and Son’s Hot  Garlic Pickle, and the Hill Farm Garlic mayonnaise made with rapeseed oil is possibly the best condiment I have ever had. Norfolk Cordial offered a magic rhubarb, ginger and orange drink, whilst the nettle, ginger and lemon vinegar from Seymours of Norfolk deserves a  mention.

In any case, being out at La Hogue snuggling Bambi the tiny pony and stuffing myself silly did not get any baking done. On our return, Bub – who is normally very, very good at going down for a nap – decided that life with Daddy around was too interesting to sleep through and promptly decided to scream a lot. In the end, I did manage to make the ice cream and cordial by running between rooms and  trusting the temperature of my boiling sugar fruit mix  to my wonderfully stable oven. The tea loaf also came out surprisingly well, but I didn’t even get to start on the banana bread or Danish ‘dream cake’ which I’d planned. As for the crumble – the last of the summer berries will just have to go the way of their predecessors and be inhaled by me in a glutinous moment of fruity glory.

Argue all you like, but summer berries are better than chocolate.

It hurts, because I’ve always managed to do so much. I don’t necessarily believe that idle hands are the devil’s toy, but I do worry about wasting the time I have on this earth by sitting and doing nothing. Which, after a lifetime of running round like a crazy person, being at home with a baby feels like doing. When Bub gets a tiny bit bigger I can pour all this energy into her, but for now, I need to be wise enough to accept that I am not superwoman and will simply need to slow down until then.