Anyone know any good sewing machine models? I’m finally going to bite the proverbial and buy a brand new machine with zip feet, and the ability to sew button holes and such.

In other news, anyone want to do a craft trade with me? I’m looking for an artist to copy a photo for me and paint it, pen-and-ink  it… basically do something other than sketch it. It’s a bit of a secret project as it’s a gift for someone for Christmas, but if you’re interested email me and I will explain the particulars. It doesn’t lend itself well to being knitted otherwise I’d have got started by now!

In exchange I can patchwork you a memory mat – I suggest old clothes like gig-shirts, hoodies etc. – knit you something, sketch you something, make you a vat of soap or write you a story. I’d offer to sew something, but as stated above, I am awaiting a new sewing machine so I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep! Sewing-wise it’s a straight-line-large-chunk only sort of affair. 🙂